Yukon Firewood (867) 634-7007

Mile 1022 Alaska Highway Haines Junction, Yukon
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Bear Creek Logging 1 Vote up

Written by Bear Creek Logging on July 11, 2012

Hi all,

The 2010 pricing below is outdated. Please call 634-7007 or check fb group 'Yukon Firewood' for 2012 pricing. Due to the constant rainfall and muddy logging roads, we do not expect to be able to access our supply of firewood until August 1, 2012, when logging is allowed again. After that, the wood should be moving in earnest as it is already waiting for us on the landing. Thank you for your inquiry. -Linda

p.s..... of course my rating is biased :)

Bear Creek Logging 0 Vote up

Written by Yukon Firewood on May 18, 2010

Year-round dry beetle-killed firewood.
$75/cord you cut and haul
$100/cord we cut you haul
$130/cord uncut semi load (approx. 20 cords)
$150/cord cut and delivered to Haines Junction
$200/cord cut and delivered to Whitehorse
Distant communities: call for pricing.

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